Fear of SuccessIn your daily life, moment to moment, you are continually taking actions out of one of two core spaces:

The space of Fear, or the space of Love.

Now whether or not you are consciously choosing your actions and choosing to act out of Love or Fear is another matter. And if you are currently living in an overweight, unhealthy, feel-bad body, you can guess which space the actions you are taking are coming from (fear).

However once you have a simple, proven step-by-step system in place that helps you transform permanently…so that you can take control of your own mind and emotions…then you can choose your actions consciously. Healthy, consistent actions that come from the space of Love. Love for YOU, for your Body, for Your Life.

Once you have that step-by-step system in place, then it’s easy to continue taking consistent healthy actions out of the space of Love for YOU while you watch the excess fat melt from your body…as you Keep It Off.

In my previous article, “Is Fear Keeping You Fat?“, I presented an overview of this topic.  Today I’ve outlined 3 Fears That Will Keep You Stuck and Hiding Behind The Fat.

Below I’ve listed the top 3 fears that sabotage your weight loss…and not just weight loss, but weight maintenance. After all, you don’t want to stay on that endless hamster wheel of weight loss/weight regain/weight gain/weight loss etc. etc. for the rest of your life, do you?

3 Fears That Will Keep You Stuck and Hiding Behind The Fat

If you are living with any of the following fears it is essential that you have a simple, proven process that will help you release them so that you can move into a space of Love. The result of consciously stepping into the space of Love is that the physical actions of how you eat and exercise will become effortless. You will easily stay consistent with a healthy and fit lifestyle. No more struggle.

1) Fear of Others
(Fearing what others will do, say, or think if you drop the fat…and keep it off.)

The fear of what others will think, say, or do is the #1 fear that will stop you from achieving lasting success with your weight.  These fears break down into the areas of:

  • Fear of Loss
  • Fear of Responsibility
  • Fear of Inability to Control

When you fear what others will think, say, or do when you take action in your life to achieve success, you will never be able to take struggle-free action to create the body of your dreams. You will continually sabotage yourself and your success due to your fears of:

  • Others leaving you due to jealousy, insecurity, or loss of commonalities (do you have friends that you get together with mainly to eat, and overeat?)
  • Others expecting and asking more of you. What if people see that you’ve really “got it together” and you’ve never learned how to create healthy boundaries for yourself so that you can respectfully say “No”?
  • Others being attracted to you, which also is about boundaries, as well as control. By continuing to Hide Behind The Fat you attempt to control others’ attraction to you, and then you don’t have to deal with telling anyone “No”, because you don’t feel comfortable doing so.

2) Fear of Intimacy.
(Intimacy = Into Me See.)

If you continue to Hide Behind The Fat it’s actually an effective way of keeping others at arm’s length, as well as being a great way to never fully commit to anyone else…or to yourself.

In order to create the body of your dreams and Stop Hiding Behind The Fat, you must make a firm decision to do so and be highly committed to yourself and your inner growth…IF what you desire is lasting transformation. If you want to drop the fat, keep it off, and do all of it struggle-free.

However if you fear anyone SEEING who you really are, Hiding Behind The Fat will stop anyone from doing so. You stuff your life’s dreams down with food because you are living in fear – fear of succeeding once and for all and fear of allowing anyone to See Into You. Intimacy.

Can you see how greatly this fear will affect any kind of relationship in your life, whether that’s a romantic relationship, familial, or even a business relationship? How can anyone truly get close to you when you are living in fear of anyone Seeing who you truly Are?

Intimacy. Into Me See.

3) Fear of Feeling Good…and Being Happy!
(Fear of leaving your comfort zone even though it feels horrible to live there.)

Believe it or not, there are millions of people who are more invested in staying in their comfort zone where it is safe (even though they feel horrible!) than they are invested in solving their food and weight problems once and for all.

They are more invested in staying where they are, than they are willing to invest in themselves to learn how to Feel Good. To drop the fat, and Keep It Off.

Yep. It might sound crazy (“Why wouldn’t everyone want to Feel Good?”, you ask.), but true. Your Comfort Zone is a place loaded with fear, and a False Sense of Safety.

Why is this?

Because it’s familiar. Even though it does not feel good, at least you know what to expect.

Now imagine if you were to Stop Hiding Behind The Fat, which means you would achieve a lasting transformation in how you relate to food and your body for the rest of your life.

This means you would no longer struggle to keep the fat off once you’ve dropped it in an effortless manner. You would no longer have this huge problem with your weight, and you would actually Feel Good in your body.

But…could you stand it? Would it be just “too much” happiness for you to be Living with this Result?

If you are so afraid of letting go of what’s not working for you and getting the result that you say you want (lasting transformation to Stop Hiding Behind The Fat), then how will you ever step out of your comfort zone so that you can finally Do It?

How will you ever stay consistent with a healthy lifestyle? How will you maintain your body for life if you are living with the fear of leaving your comfort zone and Doing Something Different?

“Definition of Insanity: Continuing to do the same thing over and over again while expecting a different result.” – Albert Einstein

If your comfort zone is filled with actions that aren’t getting you the results you want but you’re afraid to step out of it, then you’ll continue taking actions out of Fear rather than out of Love. And which will bring you more happiness?

It Takes Courage To Drop Your Fears

Imagine actually Feeling Good in your body and having a healthy, loving relationship with food. Food is no longer something to be feared or controlled, it simply is, and you love it.

But if fear is keeping you fat, then you are still in hiding. Hiding Behind The Fat. Then the question to ask yourself now is, “Does this Feel Good?”.

Does it Feel Good to be Hiding Behind The Fat? For some, they may answer yes, and while that may not be understandable, they have slipped into that comfort zone that they are unwilling to move out of. This is also be called a rut.

“A rut is nothing more than a grave with both ends kicked out of it.” – Richard Bandler

What To Do Now

So you clearly see that you are hiding and you want to Stop Hiding Behind The Fat…but what do you do about it?

As you know from past experience of never having solved your food and weight problems permanently on your own, it’s just not enough to read about the problem and have an awareness – action must follow. Solid, simple, action.

Different action – rather than action with yet another diet, this must be action that will allow you to release your fears, drop the fat, keep it off, and do it without struggle.

To once and for all release your struggle with food and your weight, you must have a a simple, proven, step-by-step system that will lead you out of the Fear and into the space of Love. Into the space of Love for YOU where you can effortlessly take consistent action to create (and Keep!) the body of your dreams.

If you are serious about finally dropping your food and weight struggles so that you can create (and Keep!) the body of your dreams, then click here to read what others have to say about getting the results that you have been dreaming about. There’s no reason you need to keep dreaming when you can Have It.

“It is not the mountain we conquer but ourselves.” – Edmund Hillary