Chocolate cake

When you have a weight loss mindset you know exactly how to choose (whether or not) to eat cake and lose weight easily. Exciting!

So you’ve been asking yourself why you can’t lose weight easily? Especially with the big Holiday Season coming up and all of the tasty treats (like that cake!) you’ll be presented with!

First know this: you’re not alone! There’s a reason why 95% of dieters fail. In fact, there are at least 3 reasons!

Get ready for a surprise – this article is not filled with tips about speeding up your metabolism, how to cook healthy whole foods, or how to stop eating at night. Instead this is about the REAL reasons you can’t lose weight easily. This is about achieving Permanent weight loss success, which means that you must get to The Root of the issue, heal that, and then the rest is a cake walk.

Because let’s face facts: It’s Not Hard to lose weight. Truly!

The body loves whole, healthy foods, plenty of clean, clear water, and regular cardio and strength training. That’s not anything new. Heck, you can find that information anywhere. But since it is so simple then WHY aren’t the estimated 129.6 million (64 percent!) obese Americans simply taking action?!

Because it’s Not that simple. The MIND leads the body – always. And as long as you keep the majority of your focus on physical action (diets, exercise, etc.), then the you will continue to fail in achieving struggle-free permanent weight loss.

Without having the Full Solution to the entire problem, which must heal the Root of your symptoms, then the cycle of your food and weight struggles will continue.

3 REAL Reasons You Can’t Lose Weight Easily

Let’s look at three REAL reason you cannot lose weight easily.  These will give  you insights into why you have not been able to succeed all alone and why diet and exercise just isn’t enough.

1.) The Root – The proven, step-by-step System to Permanent Weight Loss you follow must include healing The Root of your symptoms. Your symptoms being your excess physical fat, inability to stop eating, constant cravings, obsessions about food, emotional eating, and negative thinking about yourself and your body.

Without getting to The Root of the problem (which is always on the Inside of YOU), then you’re only applying a little bandaid on top of your symptoms. As soon as a little breeze comes along (a party, vacation, date night, weekend, or any day of the week you pick!), then the bandaid (your diet) falls off. It cannot possibly stick when the Root of your symptoms has never been addressed.

2.) An F.A.T. Mindset – When the Root of your overweight struggles has never been healed, you will continue to live with an F.A.T. Mindset. This is a mindset filled with Fear Attracting Thoughts (F.A.T.).

It’s your Mindset that is stopping you from losing weight. Your mindset continues to keep you fat on the outside due to your F.A.T. on the inside. It’s really as simple as that!

3.) Lack of Step-by-Step System – You’re very used to collecting diet books and exercise dvds, which lay out the steps for weight loss and toning up your body, but if you do not have a step-by-step System to get a weight loss mindset then you won’t achieve a weight loss mindset. Why? Because you cannot be objective with your own “stuff”! That’s true for everyone, no matter how accomplished they may be.

This is why all high achievers have their own coaches and mentors, because the smart ones always learn from others who have already coached others to success before them!

Additionally, you must have accountability included in the step-by-step System to a weight loss mindset so that you can lose weight easily and keep it off! Without working with a mentor who will hold you accountable to your actions, you won’t take action to get a weight loss mindset so that you can lose weight easily.

Why? Because your current mindset will hold you where you are! Simply because you’ve had so much practice living with the F.A.T. (Fear Attracting Thoughts), which also keeps the fat on your body.

Get a Weight Loss Mindset and Make Weight Loss Easy for Yourself!

To make weight loss easy for yourself and never again make a New Years Resolution to force yourself to lose weight, you need a weight loss mindset. A weight loss mindset is a mindset that has a healed Root of your lifelong food and weight struggles. Therefore there is no more struggle with food and your weight!

The easiest and quickest way to get a weight loss mindset is to simply follow the same specific steps which others before you have already done. Others who have succeeded in struggle-free permanent weight loss because they got a weight loss mindset first!

The first step towards a weight loss mindset is simple: Click here to apply for a complimentary Weight Loss Discovery Session. This is for you if you are Serious about healing the Root of your lifelong food and weight struggles behind you so that you can finally make weight loss easy for yourself.