Permanent Weight LossI can imagine how frustrated you feel. You’re not losing weight on your diet even though you’re “perfect”. Ugh!

I can also relate to your even higher level of frustration because you are so very smart, spiritual, and highly successful! Successful in your business, but unfortunately not with your weight.

And so there you are, asking yourself, “If I’m so smart, successful, and have achieved so much in my life, then why can’t I lose this weight? Especially since I’m doing everything perfectly with my diet?!”

Well I’ll cover the Top 3 Reasons Why You’re Not Losing Weight on Your Diet for you below to address exactly why you’re not losing weight on your diet even though you’re “perfect”. On your healthy eating and exercise plan.

So first I do wish to clarify that we are addressing healthy eating. This article has nothing to do with band aids, fad diets, magical sprinkles, or any other quick fix.

Healthy eating means eating clean, whole foods and eating sweets when it feels right to YOU. Which more than likely you are not able to know when that feels right at this point in your life (unless you’re a client of mine!). And that right there can really kick you off course every time, because you have still not solved the Root of your symptoms…but I’m getting ahead of myself.

Let’s look at the list and you can see what applies to you!

3 Reasons Why You’re Not Losing Weight on Your Diet
(Even Though You’re “Perfect”)

1.) You’re Stuck in the Vibe of Struggle. Because you believe that you are supposed to struggle and battle with your weight, you do! Your beliefs must be proven true by you because “you can’t be crazy!”.

The truth is that life, and your weight, is not meant to be a struggle. But when you live in that vibe-o-struggle, you will continue to…struggle! If you weren’t in that vibration of struggle then you’d be easily dropping the fat, and keeping it off. It would not be any big deal.

Your vibration is much much more powerful than you even know and when you believe that weight loss is hard, that it’s hard to live healthy and fit, and that you gain weight by looking at food…well, you are right! And your Results will correlate. It does not matter how “perfect” you may be (or think you are) on your diet of healthy eating. Your thoughts will trump what you do.

2.) You Are Not EnJoying What You Are Doing! One of the Laws of this Universe is, “You cannot enjoy the outcome to a journey you despise.” What this means is, if you hate the diet you’re on, if you feel deprived, if you feel rebellious, if you are forcing yourself just to get skinny and you can’t wait to eat what you REALLY want, then here’s what your Results will be: Self-sabotage and struggle. You might even lose some weight but it will come back on just as quickly.

Since you’ve already “Tried It All” anyway you already have proven these Results to yourself. It’s no surprise to read this, is it. So, you cannot lose weight even on a healthy eating plan if you can’t stand what you’re doing and you’d REALLY rather be doing/eating/being something else! It defies Universal Law, and when you attempt to battle against the basic Laws of the Universe, you’ve already lost.

3.) You Don’t Believe. One of my clients, Anna, who just completed my step-by-step proven System to permanent weight loss, shared that prior to working with me, she did not Believe that she could have the body she really wants. (Read her full testimonial on this page, titled “Hello Beautiful!”)

Therefore she kept going up and down with her weight. Not anymore! As of this date she’s already released 20 pounds of excess physical fat but what’s most important is that she is fully Believing that she will continue on her path to release the rest of the physical fat that she chooses to release. It’s no longer a struggle for her nor does she feel deprived.

If you do not Believe in YOU and in your own journey to your Ideal Body, then you will naturally sabotage yourself. There isn’t enough steam in your engine to keep you moving forward because you MUST take actions that are in alignment with what you Believe. Whatever you Believe about yourself, about your body, about food, about weight loss, about your life, and about what you believe you deserve to receive in your life….whatever your beliefs are, your actions will always be in alignment with those beliefs.

Therefore it does not matter how “Perfect” you are on your diet, on your healthy eating plan, because if you do not Believe that you can achieve the Result of your Ideal Body and maintain it without struggle, then you cannot keep going. To keep going would not match what you already Believe.

How to know that you don’t Believe you Deserve the body of your dreams: By your Results.

BONUS: Reason 4  of Why You’re Not Losing Weight on Your Diet…

4.) You’re Really NOT “Perfect” on your diet.  Another reason Why you’re Not Losing Weight on Your Diet, Even Though You’re “Perfect” is because you’re really not!

Yes, that’s right: If you were to Get Real with YOU, you would have to admit that you really are NOT “Perfect” on your eating and exercise plan.

Because you Don’t Believe that you can truly have the body of your dreams, you continue to sabotage yourself and eat those foods that you believe will keep you overweight and Hiding Behind The Fat.

Because you are Not EnJoying what you’re doing, you tell yourself you deserve “a reward” and the “reward” is always food….food that is not a part of your healthy eating plan.

Because you’re Stuck in the Vibe of Struggle, you MUST create more struggle for yourself by self-sabotaging, negative thinking, and unproductive action. Unproductive actions that truly are not what you would call “Perfect” on your eating and exercise plan.

To Get Real with YOU and take in what I gave you above truly requires that you are willing to take 100% bad-ass personal responsibility for yourself and ALL of your Results you are living. Not only in your Body, but also in your Life.

This requires releasing all blame, all victim mentality, and all aspects of entitlement – expecting to receive Results without doing the Core work that is necessary in order to release your ongoing food and weight struggles.

Core Work that will Never be found in a diet. Core work that addresses all that is to be found within YOU. Core work that addresses the Root of your food and weight struggles, which when you finally heal that Root, you will have no more struggle.

This is exactly what I mentor my clients through in my step-by-step proven System to Permanent Weight Loss. Permanent Weight Loss which includes releasing the struggle. EnJoying the Journey. And Believing in Yourself. Believing that YES, you really can have the body of your dreams. And YES, it does require action, and that action is struggle-free once you do the Core Inner Work that must first be done in order to release your internal struggles.

All of this comes together when you work with a certified, professional coach who already has proven success in a step-by-step proven System that heals the Root of your ongoing food and weight struggles, just like I do with my clients.

You can find out more about that here!