Christmas CookiesYes, the Holidays are here!

Thanksgiving is only a few days away and with it comes the full tilt holiday season filled with an overabundance of tasty sweets and even more food and drink to indulge in.

For some this is their favorite time of year, but for others like you who have been struggling with food and your weight for most of your life, the ups and downs, over and over again…the holiday season brings on your fears of more out of control eating and even more weight gain.

But what if the holiday season didn’t need to be such a big deal? What if instead of feeling your fears of holiday weight gain you were like the others who enjoy the holidays without deprivation and don’t gain weight?!

Wouldn’t it be nice to actually lose weight during the holidays instead of gaining at least 10 pounds (often even more!) like most people do?

What if you could really could enjoy the beauty of the holiday season without ever fearing holiday weight gain again? How would THAT feel? (Yay!)

3 Ways to Release Your Fears of Holiday Weight Gain

The fact is, all actions come from only one of two spaces: the space of Fear or the space of Love.

That’s it!

This is as basic as you can get when it comes to your behaviors. Oh! And in case you are not already aware of what an F.A.T. Mindset is, it is a mindset filled with Fear Attracting Thoughts.

An F.A.T. Mindset is a match to an overweight, unhealthy, feel-bad body. Therefore it’s probably making sense to you already that when you fear holiday weight gain that your fear is a symptom of your F.A.T. Mindset.

But then… what can you do about it?

Just imagine if you were expecting the Holiday Season to be filled with fun, healthy living, exciting exercise, the people you love, and an expectation for a fantastic New Year! Would those thoughts and feelings be more likely to be inspired from a mindset filled with Fear Attracting Thoughts (F.A.T.) or a mindset filled with love, abundance, and joy?

Once you get a weight loss mindset then you make weight loss very easy for yourself. You also have a completely different outlook on your LIFE! How can this be? Well, how exactly can you separate your Mind from your Life? You’re right! You can’t!

This is why my inspiring permanent weight loss coaching clients end up transforming all areas of their life when they get a weight loss mindset. Because their new mindset goes with them into ALL areas of their life! This is why Laura can say that she’s a completely different person, and why Holly feels happy and rich in her personal life. These results are on top of their results with their weight. Exciting!!

What’s also exciting is that YOU can have these results! Not only can you Stop Hiding Behind The Fat and lose weight without struggle, you can reap the benefits of a weight loss mindset in ALL areas of your life.

Just imagine if you already had a weight loss mindset, how easy the Holiday Season would be for you. Since a weight loss mindset is based in the vibration of Love rather than the vibration of Fear.

And finally, when you hire a highly skilled mentor to coach you to a weight loss mindset, especially during the Holiday Season, that will definitely give you the tools and transformation to release your fears of holiday weight gain for good. Why? Because with the benefits of live feedback, coaching, mindset transformation, and accountability for your Inner Self action steps then you cannot not succeed in achieving a weight loss mindset.

To sum up, to release your fears of holiday weight gain you need 1) a weight loss mindset, which is naturally 2) based in Love (rather than in F.A.T./Fear), and when you 3) hire a highly skilled mentor who has already coached others to struggle-free weight loss through a weight loss mindset, then you are assured to win.

Put all of those ingredients together and there would be no reason for you to fear holiday weight gain ever again1

Bonus Note: Whatever you focus upon expands, therefore when you have an F.A.T. Mindset you will expand whatever you are afraid of, since that is where the majority of your focus is.

The Quickest Way to Release Your Fears of Holiday Weight Gain

There’s a quick way to release your fears of holiday weight gain and a slow way. The slow way is to do what I did for over 25 years – try to “figure it out” on your own. That didn’t work because all of those years I was still living with the struggle, while trying to “figure out” how to change it!

You cannot find the solution to the problem with the same mindset that created the problem. The solution does not “live” in the mindset of the problem.

When you have a highly skilled weight loss mindset coach and mentor on your side you gain the objectivity that you cannot give to yourself. This is why all high achievers have their own coach – because they get to where they want to go so much quicker!

What makes it even quicker to release your fears of holiday weight gain is when your coach has a proven step-by-step System to mentor you through, the same System that has already proven successful for others!

To take your first step towards the quickest way of releasing your fears of holiday weight gain click here to apply for a complimentary Weight Loss Discovery Session with JoLynn Braley The F.A.T. Release Coach. Discover the gap between where you are vs where you’d really like to be!

It’s your first step to a weight loss mindset, which makes weight loss easy for you and releases you from your fears of holiday weight gain!