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About Stop Hiding Behind The Fat

Stop Hiding Behind The Fat is about much more than weight loss. It’s even about more than getting fit, healthy, and sexy with Struggle-Free action.

You see, while you can learn how to make the necessary inner changes so that the consistent physical actions you take to get fit, healthy, and sexy become Struggle-Free, when you have a step-by-step plan that teaches you how to do this, in doing so you begin to LIVE instead of Hide.

Maybe you’ve done one (or more!) of these before:

  • Told yourself you’d “do it tomorrow”, or especially that you’d “do it on Monday”. I call this living in Tomorrowland. That place where nothing changes but you keep getting more and more frustrated, with yourself!
  • Thought that you’d put yourself out there and start dating or improving upon your current relationship after you lose weight, but in the meantime you reach for food whenever those insecurities and worries crop up.

has been a lifetime in coming – JoLynn’s lifetime.

You see, JoLynn has firsthand experience in what it’s like to Hide Behind The Fat, and more importantly, how much fun and joyful it is to Fat – Create the body of your dreams by releasing your fears and dropping the fat” href=”http://stophidingbehindthefat.com” target=”_self”>Stop Hiding Behind The Fat!

When you Hide Behind The Fat you are not truly ALIVE. You cannot be, because you are always holding yourself back. Always holding yourself back from Being who you

are truly meant to be: your unique, shining, Best You. You cannot be your best and play big in your life when you are slumping around, Hiding Behind The Fat.