March 30, 2015

Stop Hiding Behind The Fat with JoLynn on iTunes!

The JoLynn Braley Show

Are you still Hiding Behind The Fat? (click that link if you’re not sure!) If you are then here’s something else to help you come out of hiding: I have a FREE weekly show on iTunes that you can subscribe to here (it’s FREE to subscribe)! It’s The JoLynn Braley Show, which I’ve been broadcasting since […]

No More Hiding Behind The Fat in The New Year!

Smile at a stranger

In the first podcast episode of The JoLynn Braley Show in the new year you will learn 3 Steps to Becoming a New You in The New Year. But be warned: These are not your typical “eat this, do that exercise” kind of tips! Why? Because there is already an abundance of that information available, […]

Stop Hiding Behind The Fat in 2014!


How about it? What if you were to make the decision to Stop Hiding Behind The Fat in 2014? But first, it would help you to know just how you are Hiding Behind The Fat today, wouldn’t it? There are numerous ways to Hide Behind The Fat, endless ways. Here are three very common ways […]

Lose Weight Struggle-Free in Twenty Thirteen!

2013 Fireworks | Stop Hiding Behind The Fat

Happy New Year! We’re off to an exciting start! What do you see for YOU in this New Year? What exactly is your plan to Stop Hiding Behind The Fat and lose weight struggle-free? How much better would your 2013 be if you really could leave your ongoing food and weight struggles behind you? Wouldn’t […]

To Avoid Holiday Weight Gain Come to The Call!

Very fit woman with water bottle.

What if you could release your fears of holiday weight gain and never again make another New Year’s Resolution to try and force yourself to lose weight? What if you could actually have a body in 2013 that looks like the woman in the picture? AND do it without forcing yourself, tooth and nail, kicking […]