Can't Stop EatingSo you can’t stop eating? Well I know how frustrated you feel because I used to be where you are today.

I used to ask myself, just like you are now, “Why can’t I stop eating? What is the problem here?” Wow, was that ever frustrating back then!

I can also relate to your feeling of even greater frustratration because you ARE highly successful in your business life, and more….in fact, having all other areas of your life together except for the area of food and your weight (I call this The Oprah Phenomenon)….well, that’s just even more frustrating when you can’t stop eating.

Could You Be Hiding Behind The Fat?

If you can’t stop eating you more than likely have excess physical fat on your body, and if you are unhappy with that excess physical fat then you definitely have F.A.T. on the brain. What is F.A.T. you ask?

F.A.T. = Fear Attracting Thoughts, which is why I love being the F.A.T. Release Coach. I love coaching my clients to their lasting success in releasing the F.A.T. in their mind, and then the fat drops off without struggle.

Yes, if you are serious about finally living struggle-free with food and your weight then you must first release the inner F.A.T., and then you will be able to release the physical fat without struggle….and keep it off.

Therefore, when you learn how to come out of hiding and Stop Hiding Behind The Fat, you also learn how to release your F.A.T.

It cannot be stressed enough that you must release your Fear Attracting Thoughts (F.A.T.) if you ever hope to achieve permanent weight loss and Stop Hiding Behind The Fat.

Permanent weight loss will continue to elude you and diets will continue to fail you until you address The Root of your symptoms and release the F.A.T. It’s fail-proof when you follow a step-by-step proven system to permanent weight loss.

If you’re currently stuck and you can’t stop eating no matter how many times you tell yourself that “Tomorrow will be different” (how many years of “Tomorrows” have there been?) then you are Hiding Behind The Fat.

More specifically, you are hiding your fears and insecurities in the food, stuffing them down with your overeating, and it’s that behavior that creates and keeps the physical fat for you to hide behind.

Just imagine though, if you could unzip that mental F.A.T. suit, thereby allowing yourself to unzip the physical fat suit to step out of it and step IN to your own personal power. Never again to fear food or obsess about food or your weight. What would that be like for you?

What would it be like to go through the holiday season and never again fear weight gain?

What if you were excited about wearing a bikini on the beach and you didn’t have to force yourself to diet to look good?!

Permanent weight loss brings these results, and more:

  • No more obsession about food or your weight.
  • No more uncontrollable eating.
  • No more exercise avoidance.
  • And never again will you ask yourself, “Why can’t I stop eating?”

Once you achieve permanent weight loss, you simply ARE a healthy, fit. slender woman. And in order to Get There, you must do the Inner Work with a step-by-step proven system. To release your F.A.T. so that you can drop the fat and keep it off. Struggle-free.

What To Do?

On top of your frustrations you feel about the never-ending struggles you continue to live with when it comes to food and your weight, you also continue to wonder, and likely obsess, about why you can’t stop eating.

This only serves to help you continue to Hide Behind The Fat even though you tell yourself you want to change. You just aren’t able to do it alone – your history of struggle has shown you that.

Because you are very smart and highly accomplished you’ve spent years analyzing, researching, and collecting information about your food and weight problems, but in the end you’ve learned that piles of collected information without applied action only leads to more frustration.

Specifically, you already know how to eat healthy and exerciseyou’re just not doing it.

It’s not enough to have knowledge. Change only occurs if consistent action is taken on said knowledge, and consistency results only if there is an absence of resistance and struggle.

You tell yourself that your business, your work, your ideas must come first, but what is the result you get with your body? Heck, how can you truly enjoy all of your success if you aren’t living IN the body of your dreams?

The Solution When You Can’t Stop Eating

Is the solution another diet? No, a diet is a band aid on a symptom – the symptom being the excess physical fat on your body.

Until you resolve The Root of the symptom it doesn’t matter how many diets you attempt. What’s exciting though, is that once you do resolve The Root of your food and weight struggles, then it becomes effortless for you to live a healthy lifestyle filled with actions that are consistent, healthy, and fun.

Must you eat a magical food? No, when you become a naturally slender person on the inside you can eat any food you want. However once you do become naturally slender on the inside, you will choose only those foods that feel really good in your body (overall, the human body loves whole, unprocessed foods).

And sometimes your conscious choice might be a brownie, but more often it’s not. You’ll find that it’s easy to choose those foods that you already know are healthy and make your body feel so much better, but those actions are only easy after you do the step-by-step Inner Work.

The best thing though, is IF you consciously choose a brownie, you forget to ask, “Why can’t I stop eating?” because you CAN! It’s not an issue once you resolve The Root of your issue.

Must you work out 2 to 4 hours each day? No, not unless you absolutely LOVE doing so and it’s giving you the results you desire. I personally, haven’t worked with any clients who choose to work out that much but everyone is an individual so if that rocks your boat, great!

What matters is if you are actually DOING that, or not. And if you are already doing that without any struggle, then your challenge is that you can’t stop eating. Which is still a problem since you want to live In Choice rather than in obsession.

OK, so what IS the solution when you can’t stop eating?

You must resolve The Root of the problem. This is the only way to find peace with food and with your body so that you can achieve permanent weight loss and Stop Hiding Behind The Fat.

Once you heal the root of your symptom (your excess fat is the symptom, as well as your behaviors that create the excess fat…overeating, stuffing, exercise avoidance, etc.), then there is no more desire to stuff yourself. And no more struggle to live healthy, fit, and slender! (Yeah!!).

If you can’t stop eating you have never resolved The Root of your problem. And, if you attempt to force yourself to diet, you’ll only create an even deeper problem for yourself. Willpower will never get you through if you haven’t addressed The Root to begin with.

Even more exciting is that once you do resolve The Root of your food and weight struggles by following a step-by-step proven system to permanent weight loss (this is exactly what I coach my clients through), then if you do want a doughnut, you have one! If you truly want one. However you’ll often find that you desire a healthy option instead…because you Choose that. No willpower needed.

What If…

What if you no longer struggled with food and your weight?

What if you no longer obsessed about food, obsessed about your weight, obsessed about the scale?

What if you never again had the thought of exerting willpower on yourself or the infamous “New Year’s Resolution”?!

What would it be like for you if instead of searching on Google for “why I can’t stop eating” you were instead searching for “the newest bikini styles”? (Fun!)

What would life be like for you if you were to Stop Hiding Behind The Fat? Which would mean precisely that you were no longer stuffing down your fears and insecurities with food.

How would it feel to have the option to eat whatever you want? What if what you put in your mouth was always your CHOICE rather than being a feeling of compulsion? That feeling of “I can’t stop eating!”

How would you feel about YOU if you never again said, thought, or typed the words, “I can’t stop eating”? What does imagining that Feeling of FREEDOM Feel Like to YOU?

If you are a highly successful woman in your business life who feels even more frustrated since you ARE so smart and successful (but still struggle with food and your weight), then click here for your next step. (*Only for Serious Action Takers)

* Only for you if you have decided you are ready now to Stop Hiding Behind The Fat and never again wonder why you can’t stop eating. Not for those who only want to keep talking about how frustrated they are while they continue to reject success.