Magic WandAre you overweight, frustrated, and Hiding Behind The Fat because you are stuck in Magical Thinking?

Have you ever thought, “It’s not fair, I should be able to eat Whatever and However MUCH I Want, Whenever I want,  and Never gain weight!!”

Perhaps you often say, “I want to eat anything I want and not have to think about it – ever!”.

Or maybe you’ve thought,  “It shouldn’t matter if I’m physically hungry or not, I should be able to eat Anything at Any Time and not gain weight! It’s Just Not Fair…”

Perhaps you’re one of many who would love to stay unconscious and you’ve been looking for that Magic Pill your entire life. You know what I mean…that Magic Diet Pill or Wand that will *POOF*, make you slender, toned, trim-slim-n-sexy with loads of healthy, fit, focused energy? Without having to take control of your mind in any way, shape, or form.

What’s really interesting is that Even If that were possible, unless you had first taken the steps to become a total match to that body On The Inside, you’d rubberband right back on the outside to where you began….

Does Magical Thinking Have You Hiding Behind The Fat?

If you have ever thought that that you should be exempt from the laws of Action —> Reaction, then it’s more than likely you are stuck in your own world of Magical Thinking.

Example: Simple Physical Action = putting food in your mouth when your stomach is full. Reaction = fat cells multiplying to store the excess on your body.

And the only question that matters is…Is your Magical Thinking helping you drop the fat and keep it off for life? Without deprivation, dieting, or struggle?

If you answered “No!”, then this is really all that matters: Your RESULTS.

And..if you do not like the Results you are getting, then either 1) It’s time to get help to learn exactly how to do something else…a step-by-step proven system for permanent weight loss, or 2) Keep on doing the same thing you’ve been doing, which your history will show you will keep on giving you the same ‘ole frustrating results.

“The definition of Insanity: Continuing to do the same thing over and over again while expecting a different result. – Albert Einstein”

Truth: I Know What It’s Like

One of the reasons I am so successful in helping my clients achieve permanent weight loss to Stop Hiding Behind The Fat is because I have been there myself. In fact, that’s why I am passionate about the work that I do. Because I know what it’s like to not get what you want and be stuck in the struggle with food and your weight.

Truth: In the past I was stuck in my own Magical Thinking. Magical Thinking that kept me stuck in an overweight, frustrated and unhappy body. A body that had a great deal of excess physical fat because back then, I was choosing to engage in Magical Thinking.

Magical Thinking such as:

  • I’ll change Someday… (check out the calendar – no “Someday” is listed anywhere! You Only Have Today).
  • It won’t count if nobody sees me eat it!
  • I “deserve” to eat this… (even though not physically hungry).
  • THEY eat whatever they want and don’t gain weight, so I should be able to do the same! … (you cannot compare your outside to another’s when you have no idea how they became an inner match to their outer body…).
  • I’ll eat this tonight when no one is around and tomorrow will be different… (the biggest trap of Magical Thinking since tomorrow Never Comes and the food you eat at night DOES show up on your body tomorrow).
  • I shouldn’t have to do Anything Different to be slim, slender, and sexy. I should just be able to say “I want it!” and it happens… (the biggest part left out of “The Secret” is the fact that you DO need to take action. It’s the specific KIND of action however, that must change…permanently).

Action —> Reaction is something you cannot escape. Keep doing what you are doing today and you will keep getting the same results.

You cannot get around the fact that you must be willing to take conscious action with a step-by-step proven action plan to get control of your Inner YOU.

If you like those results, then that’s one thing. But if your Magical Thinking is keeping you stuck, overweight, and feeling endlessly frustrated on that hamster wheel of “TomorrowLand” then it’s time to decide to Do Something Different.

Break Free of the Magical Thinking

Yes, you really can break out of the Magical Thinking trap and achieve permanent weight loss. But you’ve got to DO something different. Not a different diet, but a brand new Inner Action Plan.

You really can Stop Hiding Behind The Fat. And no, it’s not as simple as *POOF*, waving a magic wand. But if that were the case, it also would not be 1/10th as gratifying, would it. In fact it’s very interesting that my clients come to me to lose weight permanently, however as we go through my step-by-step proven system to success, their weight loss becomes a by-product!

They invariably report their biggest successes are their Life Shifts, which are the result of the lasting inner transformations they receive. And out of those Life Shifts come struggle-free actions to live a healthy, fit lifestyle. But it takes specific action to get there.

If you are seeking to stay unconscious and have a “Magical Solution” solve all of your food and weight struggles you’ll be waiting forever.

And while it’s those inner transformations that MUST occur in order to achieve permanent weight loss and Stop Hiding Behind The Fat, it’s also those transformations that touch all other areas of their life. Their transformations are far reaching beyond the weight issues, which makes perfect sense since your being overweight has nothing to do with food, the scale, or your weight.

None of those life benefits (in family, finances, and faith) would come even if there was any way to have a Magic Wand *POOF* on you to drop the fat. And if that were possible, the weight would come rushing right back anyway, without the inner transformation to match it (maybe you’ve experienced this with those magical diets before! Some weight loss, but you can’t keep it off because a diet cannot address WHY you gained the weight in the first place…)

Yes, you must be willing to change, and change for good. To drop your magical thinking, to take deliberate, conscious Inner Action with a step-by-step proven action plan, and once you DO become a match on the inside to the body you want on the outside, then you will have a struggle-free time of living a fit, healthy lifestyle.

You definitely will not be Hiding Behind The Fat then. (Yeah!!)

“No one has ever seen “Tomorrow”, for when Tomorrow comes, it is Today.” – Dr. Maxwell Maltz

If you agree with Dr. Maltz’ statement then you know that tomorrow never comes and it makes no sense to put off permanent weight loss one more day.

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