New Articles at Fearless Fat Loss dot comLast week I published a couple of new articles at Fearless Fat Loss that will be of help to you to Stop Hiding Behind The Fat.

They are right on time for this wonderful Holiday Season, which you know is the prime time of year for holiday weight gain! (Ack, not fun!!)

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Yes! There is no more need to chase the newest diet programs when you have a weight loss mindset. No more force or willpower is needed!

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Are you feeling fed up and frustrated with yourself because you can’t stop stuffing yourself with Thanksgiving leftovers? Have you noticed that this is not just a problem with Thanksgiving though? That year-round you just “can’t stop eating”? Read the article for more!


So you already know that it’s not the fault of your diet or exercise program that you’re still overweight. You know that it’s your mindset. But is it hard to get a weight loss mindset?

What to Watch For! 

Coming up I’ll be sharing the very inspiring stories of four of my permanent weight loss coaching clients I am currently working with. Here’s a sneak peek:
Candy has absolutely no fears of holiday weight gain and for the first time in years she is excited about the season. She feels empowered and food no longer has the control over her that it used to.
Julie feels the same and is simply glowing because of the daily action steps she has been taking with the Inner Self Tools I provide to my clients. Tools which keep them empowered and struggle-free with their eating and exercise.
Katie is absolutely loving her workouts with her kettle bells and has zero struggle or resistance while she is enjoying her increased muscle tone. She’s experiencing exciting transformations in her relationships as well (very very cool!! Wait ’til you hear what’s happening there!) She’s loving this lovely time of year also, without fear of deprivation or weight gain.
Kelli got out and signed up for a Turkey Trot on Thanksgiving day, to her surprise! This is not something that was “the norm” for her in her past, back when she was in struggle with food and her weight. However now that she has experienced such transformation on the inside,  it was no big deal at all for her to get out there and she feels excited about the holidays, too!
All of these wonderful ladies are doing the steps to get and maintain a weight loss mindset, which is why it is so easy for them to go through this Holiday Season and enjoy it while having no dread about weight gain. In fact they are still losing weight, without deprivation! THEY are in control, not food.
More coming up about each of them in individual articles, either here at Stop Hiding Behind The Fat or at Fearless Fat Loss. But….what about YOU?


If you’re tired of only reading about my inspiring coaching clients I’m working with as well as my other wonderful clients I’ve already worked with (here’s their struggle-free weight loss results!) while you keep on struggling, then I understand why you wouldn’t be having all that much fun!

Sure, it’s nice to read about others succeeding, but you certainly realize that for YOU to succeed that you must actually DO Something Different!

And you’re right! You can read for the rest of your life but until you take very specific steps in a proven step-by-step System….well, how much longer do you want to keep reading and put YOUR Results? What if YOU could say that you have zero fear of Holiday Weight Gain, and if you were doing it without struggle, deprivation, or willpower?!

To take your first step towards a weight loss mindset so that YOU can achieve struggle-free weight (and Stop Hiding Behind The Fat!) then click here now to apply for a complimentary Weight Loss Discovery Session.

Please Note: The Discovery Session is only for those who are Serious about leaving their food and weight struggle in the dust. For those who are committed to continuing to talk about how bad things are while they keep doing the same ‘ole things….well, no one can help those who are not Serious about changing. (Have you ever tried to help someone like that? Not fun, right?!)