Hostess Orange Cup Cakes

So you’ve heard that Hostess is going out of business?

Have you already made a run on the Hostess stores in your area to stock up on Twinkies, Hostess Cup Cakes and Ho Hos?

How do you feel about your disappointment that a specific food will no longer be on the shelves?

How would you feel if right now if you didn’t give a rip that Hostess Cup Cakes and Twinkies were no longer going to be around?!

Wowza, wouldn’t you feel fantastic that you had left all of your food obsessions behind you and that YOU were in control of YOU instead of a food being in control of you?

With Hostess Closing Will It Be Easier to Drop the Fat?

The truth is that even though Hostess is closing, unless you have a weight loss mindset it won’t matter that you can’t buy Twinkies anymore.

Why? Because it’s your mind that leads your body. Always.

Just imagine…if you had a weight loss mindset right now and could say, “Aw, I’m sorry to see those orange Hostess Cup Cakes go but I’ve got some exciting things to do now, let’s go have some more fun!!”

I actually liked those orange Hostess Cup Cakes but I have not run to the store to buy them out. In fact, they are really a little too sweet and gave me too much of a sugar rush.

But if I were writing this article and I still had an F.A.T. Mindset like I and my wonderful clients used to have in the past, well then I’d feel super sad about Hostess closing it’s doors! Any one of my clients would tell you today though, that “It’s all good, I’ve got better things to do than be concerned about what Hostess is up to!” Because they have left their food obsessions in the dust. They are living their life and having fun while dropping 50 pounds without struggle, or 90 pounds struggle-free, or over 10 pounds for those who started on the smaller side!

So what would YOU need so that YOU could feel like it’s “no big deal” that Hostess Twinkies won’t be on the store shelves any longer? All you need is a weight loss mindset.

A weight loss mindset is 90% of your lasting success with your weight, just like an F.A.T. Mindset is 90% of your failure to drop the fat and keep it off. Mindset is Everything.

Diet and exercise is only 10% of your weight loss success. The truth is that only with a weight loss mindset are you able to DO the healthy eating and exercise actions that allow your body to drop the fat. Only with a weight loss mindset could you feel just fine today even though Hostess is going out of business and you won’t be seeing Twinkies on the shelves anymore.

How freeing would that feel, to no longer care if any particular junk food were on the shelves anymore?

Once you have a weight loss mindset it’s YOU who is in control of YOU.

Take The First Step Towards a Weight Loss Mindset!

It makes sense that you would not want to keep yourself in a mindset that matches an overweight body, because an F.A.T. Mindset is one that drives you to the store in a rush to by all of the boxes of Hostess you can find!

The quickest way to get a weight loss mindset…a mindset that doesn’t get hung up on any specific food, a mindset that supports you in dropping the fat and keeping it off…the fastest way to a weight loss mindset is to simply do what others have already done before you! Just do the same steps and you’ll achieve success, just like they did.

The first step to a weight loss mindset is through a complimentary Weight Loss Discovery Session. Click here to apply now!

This is for YOU if you are Serious about leaving your food obsessions and struggles with your weight behind you for good, so that you can feel just fine no matter what fast food or junk food company closes!

Photo credit: flickr