JoLynn Braley Size 8 Jeans

JoLynn Braley Size 8 Jeans

In August 2010 I was wearing a size 12 in my jeans. I had been “stuck” at a size 12 for quite a long while in fact! It’s very interesting because while I was coaching and mentoring my clients to their own success here I was, hovering at a size 12, which was not where I personally wanted to be.

How could this possibly be, you ask? How could I be helping others create the body of their dreams while not creating My Own for Me?

Well it’s explained very simply by Dr. Wayne Dyer (who also speaks the truth about, “When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change!”) –

“You can’t solve a problem with the same mind that created it.”   – Dr. Wayne Dyer

And the core explanation is found in Universal Law, which Wayne’s statement is in complete alignment with:

“The vibration of the solution and the vibration of the problem are very different vibrations.” – Abraham-Hicks

Here’s why I, a trained and certified pro at helping others get what they want, could not quite get it for ME: Blindspots. When you are so close to your own problem you cannot see past your own blindspots.

The fact is, we all have blindspots and even if you are a trained pro at helping others create the body of their dreams, when you’re “too close” to your own problems with food and your weight then you cannot be objective for YOU. And really, how can you NOT be close to those struggles that you’ve had for so long? That’s what I found for myself, too.

This is exactly why Wayne Dyer has his own coaches and mentors. Yes, even “someone like him” who is so motivating and inspiring to others invests in himself and gets outside help to get coached to the next step he wishes to reach in whichever area of life that he is working on for himself.

In fact anyone who is really Going For It in life recognizes the importance of getting professional help to get coached around their own blindspots. However that only applies to those who want results and want them now rather than maybe, maybe not getting results after years and years of “trying” to do it all on their own.

If time is not a concern you and you’re happy with getting there “someday” and where you are now in your problem state is acceptable to you, then there’s no reason for you to seek outside help from a pro to get quick results – proven results to release your own inner blocks that are keeping you from creating the body of your dreams with struggle-free action.

That’s not me though: I know that life is meant to be good for me (as it is meant to be for everyone) but I’m the only one who can take action for ME. So while it’s easy for me to coach my clients to success because I can be objective about them, I am so happy with myself today that I allowed myself to be coached to success.

With my clients I have no attachment to “their stuff”, of course. But I could not do the same for myself, otherwise I would not have struggled for so very many years with my own food and weight issues that I did! Heck, if I could have done it all on my own then wouldn’t I have? Of course!

How I Dropped 4 Sizes in My Jeans in 2 Months

Here’s the core, simple secret of my success: I valued myself and my own transformation enough to invest in ME to get the professional help and invest in coaching and guidance to release my inner blocks to success. Plain and simple.

I needed help to transform my own limiting beliefs and inner blocks to success and whamo, once that was done, the fat started flying off. I began to take inspired, consistent, healthy action where before I wasn’t. I couldn’t, not without struggle. I was blocked.

Once my inner blocks were released I Stopped Hiding Behind The Fat and today, as I write this, I am only 5 pounds from my “goal”. Goal is in quotes because I already FEEL like I’m there, and that’s the most important part.

So…I’ve gone from a size 12 jean to a size 8 jean in only 2 months. Is it magic? Well, it sure feels like it! I no longer struggle to eat the whole, healthy foods that I KNOW are the best for MY body, and I no longer fight exercise. That right there used to be a great struggle for me – I attempted to force myself to stick to an exercise regime but we all know that that can never last. Wanna know the secret why?

I’ll be happy to get into that in my next post. For now, I wish to take this time to acknowledge myself for stepping up for ME. For investing in ME and my life & body transformation, and for allowing myself to be helped. No one else could have done this for me, just like no one else can do it for you. YOU are in the drivers seat of your own life, as I am in mine, and you either take actions that get you what you want, or you don’t. And if you aren’t, then it’s up to you to get help, just like I did, if you want those results now.

Yeah, if I could have done it on my own I would have done it years ago. And now I’m an even more powerful, clear-minded, and focused coach for my own clients, all because I stepped up for ME. It simply wasn’t working to tell myself that I could do it all on my own, and it’s great fun to be here now, that’s for sure!

Life Rocks when you decide for YOU to Stop Hiding Behind The Fat. F.U.N.!! 😀


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