Is Change Really Possible? | Stop Hiding Behind The FatIs change really possible? It’s a question that many who are struggling to stop hiding behind the fat are asking themselves now!

They’re all asking this question of themselves because no matter how many times they tell themselves that they’ll start again on Monday, they just aren’t able to make it through even one week with consistent, healthy eating and exercise behaviors.

Many cannot make it through Tuesday.

When you’ve strung enough years together that contain 52 failures per year of those “Monday do-overs” it really can begin to feel a little hopeless. But it doesn’t have to be this way. Change really is possible, if you do it from the inside out.

Is Change Really Possible?

Yes, change really is possible if you do it from the inside out. But what does this mean? Does this mean you need to do an intestinal cleanse? Is that what inside out means?

Nope! Changing from the inside out means that you fix the root of the problem instead of laying a band aid on top of a symptom.

I’ll break it down for ya here:

Symptom = The excess fat on your body

Symptom = Your binge eating, emotional eating, yo-yo dieting, and any other unhealthy behavior that results in packing on the pounds and hiding behind the fat

Real Problem = Whatever it is that drives your out-of-control eating that packs the pounds onto your body (note that this is something within you, it is not some one or some thing outside of you)

Root of the Real Problem = This could be a limiting belief, a habit of thinking, a fear, or a fat identity. I wouldn’t know what the root of the problem is for any person unless I’m coaching them personally in The Inner Self Diet. What’s important to note though, is this: if you want to drop the fat from your body and you want it to stay off, then you’ve gotta fix the root of the real problem.

What most are doing is pasting a band aid (a food diet) on top of a symptom (the fat on their body) but they unknowingly leave the actual problem in place. This is why they can’t stick with their diet when they start over each Monday and why they end up asking themselves “Is change really possible?”. They get caught up in this cycle-o-failure and begin to believe that change is not possible but that’s only because they don’t have the right solution to their problem.

The solution that will result in real change is the solution that heals the root of the real problem, and the real problem is not the food you’re eating, nor is it the fat on your body.

Your emotional eating, binge eating, and out-of-control food obsessions are only symptoms of the root problem, just as the fat on your body is only a symptom. To get the end result of losing weight and keeping it off you need to go about it from the inside out: find the root of the real problem, heal that, fix it, and then you’ll finally have the freedom from the fat on your body that you desire.

This brings up another problem though, which is this: it’s very possible that you cannot see what the root of the problem is. The reason for this is because it can be very hard to see what’s blocking you and stopping you when you’ve been living with it for so long.

Your Blind Spots Will Keep You Stuck

It’s extremely common to have blind spots standing in your way of freedom from your food and weight struggles. This is why all of the smart folks get coaching with the right coach so that they can quickly get to where they want to go!

When you’re working with the right coach who is willing to tell you the truth when she can see what’s holding you back, then you can quickly move beyond the blind spots that are stopping from gaining control of your out-of-control eating. Does it make sense that if you could do this, that then you’d be able to drop the fat and keep it off? After all, if the root of your binge eating were healed, then what would stand in the way of you finally achieving the weight loss goals you’ve been striving for all these years?

The real danger of your blind spots that sabotage your weight loss is the fact that it doesn’t matter how many books you read or how many years you spend journaling, your blind spots are still hidden from your view.

Unfortunately, those blind spots can keep you stuck indefinitely, and then you can easily end up asking “is change really possible” because you’re not gaining a lasting shift in your eating behaviors. But how can you really, when you can’t see what’s blocking you from the core transformation you need?

Why do you need a core transformation? Because that’s what will heal the root of the real problem, and then you won’t have the problem of emotional eating, or binge eating, or whatever the specific unhealthy behaviors are that you engage in that keep your body fat (and keep you feel frustrated and fed up).

For The Fastest Change Possible

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