Do you continually tell yourself (and maybe even others) that you want to lose weight, you want to Keep It Off, and you want to do it now…but you don’t?

Do you keep hitting some sort of unseen, internal roadblock so that you never quite get there?

Do you “stick with it” for a few days, maybe even a few weeks, but then “something comes up” and there you are again, right back at square one?

Do you find it frustrating that even though a part of you does want to lose weight (and Keep it Off!), that there’s a stronger part of you that keeps on overeating, avoiding exercise, and eating what you consider to be “all the wrong things”?

Maybe you do lose some weight, but then you stall. Or maybe you’ve even gotten to your goal in the past, but you eventually gained it all back…and then some.

Even though you’ve dearly wanted to, you’ve never finally, once and for all “done it”. Done It means you create your dream body. You drop the fat, you do it with consistent, healthy action that is struggle-free, and you Keep It Off. Without struggle.

What you do know for certain is that it’s always a struggle for you – definitely not effortless – and those roadblocks continue to come up…over and over and over again. 

But even more frustrating is that you don’t know exactly what those roadblocks are, those internal blocks that continue to stop you…

Is FEAR Keeping You Fat?

Have you ever considered the possibility that Fear is keeping you fat? That Fear is at the core of those internal roadblocks?

“You are born with only two fears: fear of falling and fear of loud noise. All the rest is learned. And it’s a lot of work!” – Richard Bandler

Yes, plain and simple: Fear could be Keeping You Fat.

Perhaps it does not make sense to you that you would fear “the good stuff”, i.e.: the fit, healthy, sexy body you’d love to live in, and keep on living in (heck, who wants to just lose weight…don’t you want to lose it, and keep it off for life?!). But instead, fear of what that will bring you…

What exactly those fears are that are stopping you, I do not know, since I do not know YOU (unless you are a client of mine who is reading this). What I do know is this: your actions are either originating from a place of love, or from a place of fear. That’s how it is in this life.

What if you were taking action out of a place of love? Would those actions be supportive of the fit, healthy, dream body you would Love to live in? Would those actions be in alignment with love?

If you were acting out of love for yourself, love for your body, and love for food (this means you would have transformed your relationship with food from one of fear, battle, and loathing, to one of love, ease, and appreciation), then would it be simple and easy for you to naturally live as a healthy and fit individual?

Would you feel good if you were taking consistent, healthy actions out of a space of love?

What if you continue to take actions out of fear? Fear of what food will “do” to you, fear of weight gain, fear of always being fat, fear of change, and fear of asking for help.

What if you keep hitting those unseen roadblocks, those inner roadblocks that take you off your path of health and vitality, or maybe they are such strong roadblocks that you struggle to even get on the path!

“The only thing to fear is fear itself.” – Franklin Delano Roosevelt

If you continue to operate out of fear rather than out of love, will you ever be able to maintain your dream body with effortless ease for life? And do it without feeling deprived?

Does constantly worrying about your weight help? And would you say that worry comes from a space of fear, or a space of love? Does worry feel like love?

Release Your Fears to Stop Hiding Behind The Fat

It’s more than likely that you don’t have a clear, concrete idea of what your own inner roadblocks are to achieving lasting success with your body and even if you did, isn’t it more important that those fears be released, rather than merely “looked at”?

What’s exciting here is that even though your fears are man-made, or more specifically, YOU-made (!), the exciting part is that since you created them, this means that you can also create something else.

You can release those fears that keep throwing up the roadblocks that stop you. It’s just a matter of how long you want that to take. If you want to take the long, slow route, then you can keep on plugging away on your own, and this article is a first step since all change is preceeded by awareness.

 You now have an awareness of what may be thwarting you from lasting weight loss and most importantly, weight maintenance success – effortless, lasting success.

However if you’re like me and you want to Get Results and transform yourself NOW, then you will want to get help with this. Help from a pro who can guide you out and around your inner roadblocks. A pro who will give you the roadmap and tools to success. Success that lasts in your body, and success that all starts by transforming your mind.

Releasing Your Fears = Freedom

Release your fears and you’ll feel the freedom to be YOU. The YOU who no longer fears lasting success. The YOU who no longer fears food, the scale, your body, or weight regain. The YOU who no longer fears Life. Your Life lived in the body of your dreams.

Once you release your fears you can create the body of your dreams…with struggle-free, effortless action. You’ll Stop Hiding Behind The Fat and you’ll go for your dreams – those dreams that you’ve been stuffing down with food and hiding due to fear. Fear that has kept you Hiding Behind The Fat.

It feels pretty darned good to step on out and live your Life, without fear, while IN your dream body. Then you know you have Stopped Hiding Behind The Fat.

…In my next article I’ll cover The Top 3 Fears That Will Keep You Fat…and stuck. If you have any of these fears you’ll definitely want to release them so that you can Stop Hiding Behind The Fat and achieve lasting success. Struggle-free.