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Remember, what’s always most important for you is that you Take Decisive Action now to get a weight loss mindset. Permanent weight loss requires a weight loss mindset and without action, what results can you expect to get?

Who Is JoLynn Braley and What Is The JoLynn Braley Show All About?

On the first show I share with you more about who I am, why you should spend time listening to me (good to know!) and what exactly my weekly show is about. Here’s how you can access episode one of The JoLynn Braley Show immediately:

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The JoLynn Braley Show is a weekly show, a new episode is published each week on Thursday.

On The JoLynn Braley Show I’ll be sharing very short episodes each week (no more than 30 minutes, 20 minutes is my aim!) about the REAL Issue: Your Mindset. I am going beyond the food to what really matters.

Be sure and subscribe on iTunes and LIKE us on Facebook! Click here to get a written recap of episode one of the show and listen in now.