About YOU

About YOU

Your life is going pretty well in some areas, maybe even in several areas. But you know how much better it could be, if only you were to clean up your relationship with food, with your body, and with your weight. If you were to clean up your core relationship (your relationship with YOU!), you just know that your life would be on a whole other level – a level that you’ve only dreamed of but a level you’d love to have.

That would be a level of life where you enjoy food for what it is but you love yourself and you love your fit, healthy, sexy body even more. That would be a level of life you’d love to live where you Feel Great IN your body and you know just how big of a transformation that would be for you. You realize that since you take your body with you every single place you go that how you feel about YOU always effects every area of your life – your Finances, your Faith, your Family, and your Fitness – on all levels.

You are smart enough and aware enough to see how EVERYTHING you do is impacted by how you feel about your body – after all, you can recognize the fact that you take it with you to work, in the car, out on a date, into the bedroom, out with friends, on the playground, wherever you go, so goes the cloud of how you feel about YOU and how you feel about YOUR Body.

You can feel it in your gut, that if you were to Feel Great In Your Body that you would be living the life of your dreams. You know that if you were taking consistent, day in and day out healthy actions to create your ideal body and drop the fat that you would feel on top of the world….especially when those consistent actions were Struggle-Free for you!

If you no longer had to battle with your weight, obsess about food, and struggle to drop the fat, that would be a life transformation in itself. But to add to that….if you were to Stop Hiding Behind The Fat and Live Your LIFE instead of struggle to exist in a feel-bad body….well, you know you’d be fearless. Unstoppable. On top of the world!

Your Dream

When you learn how to Stop Hiding Behind The Fat you stop existing and you start thriving. You GO FOR that dream that you’ve been wanting to live. Your dream.

You have a dream. A dream that you might have given up on and has become buried under the food and the fat but it’s a dream nonetheless.

This is a dream that you have not been taking action on because you’ve been Hiding Behind The Fat.

And mind you – there is NO small dream. And you cannot compare your dream to anyone else’s dream because your dream, your deep desire, is your own.

Your dream could be to become an author and you have not taken action because you’ve lacked the confidence and rock-solid belief in YOU. Instead you’ve been drowning your insecurities and anxieties in food, which has created a feel-bad, insecure body for you to live in.

Your dream might be to walk around the block in your neighborhood while thinking and feeling only well-being and joy, but instead you’ve been Hiding Behind The Fat behind your front door, not daring to step out for fear of what others will think of you and your body. And then you turn to food to Hide some more…

You might have a dream to get married, or to start dating, or finish your masters or fly to Europe on your own. But instead you Hide Behind The Fat at home, attempting to soothe your fears of failure (or fears of success!) with food. At least then you know what to expect…