Love Hearts CandiesWhen you Stop Hiding Behind The Fat you literally Fall In Love with YOU. Just how much FUN would that be for ya?

Imagine being totally and completely In Love with YOU – happy and content with your own body, seeing the fat drop off with your struggle-free, consistent action, and Feeling Good about YOU.

Feeling SO Good about YOU that you feel on top of the world. Unstoppable.

When you fall in love with YOU, you easily and effortlessly create the body of your dreams. You experience a healthy, fun relationship with food, with your body, with YOU. With Your Life.

Your dreams become your reality because you have the confidence and the inner, personal power to take inspired action. You no longer stuff down your life’s dreams and goals with the food and Hide Behind The Fat.

You remember those dreams of yours? Those dreams of yours that are so much bigger than weight loss. Your dreams for your life’s work, your relationships, your finances, your connection to Source. Your dreams for YOU and how YOU dream about showing up in this life on this Earth.

These are the dreams you’ve been Hiding Behind The Fat out of fear, using food to stuff them down and Hide Behind The Fat. And just how In Love do you feel with YOU when you aren’t following through with solid action to realize your own dreams?

How would you feel about YOU if you were stepping up, taking action in spite of your fears (fear won’t go away, it’s only an issue when you allow it to stop you), and realizing your own dreams? Creating your own dream body and in that body, seeing your life’s dreams manifest. Coming out of hiding from behind the fat, standing up and feeling proud about YOU. Feeling that core love, joy, and appreciation for YOU.

On the other hand, how does it feel to stay stuck in an overweight, unhealthy, feel-bad body with all of the endless patterns that keep you stuck? Those patterns of continuing to look for “magic fixes”, of telling yourself you’ll “do it tomorrow”, and of using food to stuff down your fears. Which reality would be more fun and joyful for YOU?

When you follow the step-by-step path that leads you to Stop Hiding Behind The Fat, you release your fears and drop the fat with struggle-free action. Imagine how that would feel to be living it, to Stop Hiding Behind The Fat. To FEEL genuine, caring love for yourself and genuinely Fall In Love with YOU. F.U.N.!!

What would that feel like for YOU? How would genuinely falling in love with YOU affect your relationships with others?

If you are ready to Take Action to Stop Hiding Behind The Fat so that you can fully fall in love with YOU then Click Here for your next action step. (Only for Serious Action Takers)