Stop Hiding Behind The FatStop Hiding Behind The Fat.

Want to Stop Hiding Behind The Fat? Great! You’re in the right place. Plain and Simple.

So what is Stop Hiding Behind The Fat all about? It’s about several things, here are a few of them:

  • It’s about clarity.

    I’m certain you see this already, just how much clear and to the point Stop Hiding Behind The Fat is. Pretty simple! You’re either out there in the world, living your life, shining your light and going for your dreams while IN the body of your dreams, or you’re…Hiding Behind The Fat! (Not fun!!)

  • The clients I work with are also inspired by the simple statement Stop Hiding Behind The Fat. They know that they are in the right place for them where they can step up for themselves and learn how to finally take action and create the body of their dreams (and keep it!)
  • It’s about outcome. 

    There are also several other outcomes that my clients receive when they decide to Stop Hiding Behind The Fat, one being that they Stop Hiding behind their fears.

    When you are afraid to LIVE and Go For Your Dreams, how do you ever continue with consistent action to create the body of your dreams, much less the Life of your dreams?

    When you Stop Hiding Behind The Fat you not only drop the fat and keep it off for life, you do it with struggle-free action since you become the match on the inside to the body you wish to live in on the outside.

    Of course fear itself will never go away, and really you wouldn’t want it to, but if you allow yourself to stay stuck in fear how do you get what you truly want?

  • It’s about LIFE.

    When you are Hiding Behind The Fat, you are living a life focused on:


    And when that is where your focus is, what will your outcome be?

    How does the food and the fat become an excuse for living your dreams?

    What would you be doing with your life if you weren’t stuck in the pain and struggle with food and your weight?

    What are the dreams and the goals you’ve pushed aside out of fear? Those dreams and goals that you’ve held down with the food and the fat?

    When you decide to Stop Hiding Behind The Fat you do lose weight with struggle-free action and keep it off for life. And it’s so much bigger than that. You Live Your Life and all of those dreams you’ve been pushing aside come to the forefront and you take Inspired Action on them.

  • Stop Hiding Behind The Fat is about Living Your Dream


    Most importantly, when you Stop Hiding Behind The Fat you move forward and take action to Live Your DREAM. Your Dream that you have been stuffing down with food out of  fear and insecurity of stepping up to become your biggest, brightest, shining YOU.

    When you Hide Behind The Fat you hide who YOU truly ARE. You cover the bold, bright, shining YOU under layers of fat, fear, and food. You Hide YOU. And, when you decide to Stop Hiding Behind The Fat, not only do you shed those layers of dull fat that have been hiding YOU, you also release and shed the fear that has been keeping you hidden.

    You learn how to move past your fears and take inspired action in spite of the fear, rather than using food to dampen your low self-confidence and insecurities.

    You take action on your Dreams where before you were running to the fridge or mindlessly eating at night out of fear, lonliness, and insecurity.

    You move forward with your goals you’ve been putting off “until you lose weight” or “until tomorrow”, perhaps such goals as:

    **Going back to college
    **Starting your own business
    **Completing the 1/2 marathon
    **Ending an unhealthy relationship
    **Writing that book
    **Learning how to dance
    **Walking around the block without a thought of what others think of you.

    As you can see, no dream is too big or too small, in fact it’s quite possible that your dream is not listed in this short list.

    What matters is that you have a dream, you have a goal, in fact you likely have more than one. But instead of taking action to achieve those dreams and goals for yourself, you’ve been hiding out behind the fat, hiding out in the food, and telling yourself that you’ll “do it someday” or “do it tomorrow”.

    If you could have “done it tomorrow” then wouldn’t you have already “done it” yesterday? When you Stop Hiding Behind The Fat you Do It NOW – you don’t even think the thought of “I’ll do it tomorrow”.

    What would that be like for YOU?