Thanksgiving DinnerThanksgiving dinner and the holiday season in general bring up a great deal of anxiety for those who are weight conscious, which I understand because I used to experience that in the past.

Oh, that was soooo not fun though! Much less was it any fun to be living in an overweight body – that sure didn’t feel good!

The fact is however, that even though millions gain and regain weight every holiday season, the holidays are here to stay – they come every single year. And every year millions talk and talk about how they will finally lose weight in the new year….but sadly, nothing changes for them. Why is that?

Universal Law: There will never be enough physical action you can take to get what you want when you are not first a vibrational match to the thing that you want.

You can tell yourself forever that a New Year’s Resolution and a new diet is going to “fix” your overweight problem, but that’s only the physical action part of the issue – without making fundamental changes on the inside then the same old issues will continue to come up day after day, year after year, season after season. This is very easy for you to see yourself if you struggle at all with food and your weight at any time of the year.

Thanksgiving dinner is a great example since it’s common for most to overeat and overindulge. As you recall your Thanksgiving experience maybe you can relate to feelings of:

  • Fear of overeating, of “not being able to stop yourself”.
  • Fear of weight gain and continued weight gain throughout the holiday season.
  • Anxiety over feeling deprived of your favorite holiday fare.
  • Worry about how you look (or want to look) in your holiday outfits.
  • Frustration that you cannot wear the hottest holiday clothes you’d dearly love to be wearing!

What’s really wonderful is that it doesn’t have to be this way, and it’s not supposed to be like this for you! You are meant to enjoy your body, your life, and even food, while living IN the body of your dreams – without struggle.

And when you are living like this, once you Stop Hiding Behind The Fat and become a match on the inside to the body your crave to have on the outside, then the holidays are no longer a big deal. No more worries about the food and weight gain. Instead you enjoy all of the wonderful parts of the season while experiencing it all in the body of your dreams!

Something else that’s even more wonderful is that this is how ALL of your dinners can be – 365 days a year. I mean really, who wants to only have an enjoyable, struggle-free time with food and your weight once a year or only during the holidays?!

Once you become a match on the inside to the body of your dreams you want on the outside, there is no more fear of Thanksgiving dinner, the holiday season, or any meal. No more guilt, fear, or frustration because you just can’t stop eating.

When you Stop Hiding Behind The Fat and live the life of your dreams…IN the body of your dreams, you show up for Thanksgiving dinner and all of your holiday parties feeling great. You show up in your LIFE feeling, and looking, great.

You show up IN your dream body without any fear of the food being served or of feeling deprivation. If you want to eat something, you eat it, and you love it. Then you notice after Thanksgiving and throughout the holiday season that your weight stays the same if you are already IN your dream body, or you continue to drop the fat on the way to your dream body…even though it’s the overindulgent holiday season.

How can this be? Well you either learn how to work with Universal Law, or you don’t. And when you do, you choose to learn how to become a match on the inside to the body you want on the outside and when you do THAT, there is nothing that can stop your outcome from manifesting – your outcome of your ideal, dream body.

Even more exciting is that when you become a match on the inside to the body you want on the outside, then the physical action to create that body becomes effortless. Struggle-free. No battle. You naturally and effortlessly eat, exercise, and live in the way that supports your ideal body to manifest, and to stay. No struggle. No guilt about food during Thanksgiving dinner…or any other meal!

The holidays become filled with love and joy. You love your body, you love your clothes, you love the food. And you keep your dream body. No more fear of weight gain from Thanksgiving dinner or any other holiday gathering. It’s just how it is for you once you Stop Hiding Behind The Fat.


Photo by simplyla