What does Hiding Behind The Fat really mean? Good question! Watch my video above or keep reading for more…

What Does Hiding Behind The Fat Really Mean?

When you’re hiding behind the fat you’re holding back on life. You’re afraid to be seen you’re afraid to be heard and you’re afraid to be criticized. Therefore, what you do is hide, while soothing yourself with food. One of the problems hiding behind the fat creates however, is excess fat or in other words, an overweight, fat body.

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The fat body is not what you want though. You want a fit, thin, strong and healthy body, right? That kind of body isn’t found in the land of hiding behind the fat because when you’re hiding behind the fat you’re hiding out in your comfort zone and your comfort zone is the land of hiding, emotional eating, and staying safe.

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This is quite a pickle to be in and I understand! I understand what it’s like to be hiding behind the fat. But if you keep hiding behind the fat you won’t get the body you want. You can’t because one of the symptoms of hiding behind the fat is a fat body. Ack! So what can you do?

What Does Hiding Behind The Fat Really Mean? | StopHidingBehindTheFat.com | Mind-Body Transformation Expert JoLynn BraleyWhat you can do is learn how to Stop Hiding Behind the Fat. Come out of hiding. Step out of your comfort zone and start living instead of only existing.

Stop being afraid of what everyone else might think and start caring what YOU think.

Stop hiding, start living, and start moving towards your idea body with ease.

Wouldn’t that be cool? To actually be Doing This instead of just reading about it? To actually be doing the steps to STOP Hiding Behind The Fat? How good would that feel? Because if you were to Stop Hiding Behind The Fat, that would mean that you’d be losing weight and keeping it off. And that’s what you really want, right?

Your First Step

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