Effortless Weight LossIf you follow me on Facebook or on Twitter you are familiar with my updates about my effortless weight loss as well as the effortless weight loss that I coach my clients to.

But do you know exactly what effortless weight loss is? Are you clear on what I mean specifically when I post updates about struggle-free effortless weight loss?

What Is Effortless Weight Loss?

First, let’s look at what effortless weight loss is NOT. Effortless weight loss is not:

  • Getting a book on the latest diet & exercise trend and telling yourself that you’re just going to “Do It” and it will suddenly be effortless for you just because you “say so”.
  • Using affirmations in an attempt to convince yourself that weight loss is easy (when your limiting beliefs make up your foudation affirmations bounce off like pellets of hail).
  • Making a New Year’s Resolution that suddenly now is the time to effortlessly drop the fat, take struggle-free action, and Stop Hiding Behind The Fat…just because you made a resolution and declared that you were going to “Do It”.

Why These Approaches Don’t Work

Without creating fundamental, inner transformation, any words or actions you place on top of an inner self that is a match to an overweight, unhealthy, feel-bad body cannot stick.

Universal Law: The Inner and the Outer always match. Always.

When you TELL yourself that suddenly you are going to be different, what exactly has changed besides your words and temporary actions?

What are the specific transformations that have occurred in your inner self that are essential to achieving effortless weight loss?

Why aren’t you able to stay consistent with your actions and stick with it effortlessly for weeks, months, years when you simply TELL yourself you are going to “Do It”?

If simply making a resolution and Telling Yourself that you’re going to “Do It” was enough to help you achieve the outcome of effortless weight loss, then would anyone have a problem with being stuck in an overweight, unhealthy, feel-bad body?

What Effortless Weight Loss IS

Effortless weight loss is simply put…effortless!

There is no struggle, no force, no Making Yourself “Do It”.

There is no more fight within yourself to take healthy, consistent, life & body action steps. You simply want to live healthy and fit and you actually follow through with consistent, struggle-free action.

You feel good, you love your body and yourself, and you look back at all the years of struggle you’ve lived, struggling with food and your weight, and you are so thankful to YOU for ending the yo-yo cycle and the endless battle!

Effortless weight loss:

  • Requires no force.
  • Is inspired action that comes from within.
  • Is the end of the endless search for “weight loss motivation”. When you are inspired to act that inspiration is 100 times more powerful than forced “motivation”.
  • Effortless weight loss lasts. You create the body of your dreams and you keep it…struggle-free, effortlessly.

When you are living as an inner match to the body you desire to create and maintain on the outside, there is no thought of making resolutions or “diet pacts”. You no longer think the thought “I’ll Do It tomorrow”. There is no reason to because it’s so effortless for you to do it NOW.

You take action today because it’s easy to do. It’s effortless for you.

But how is this possible you ask? When you transform your inside to match up with the result you want on the outside then you achieve inner alignment and congruence…and when you do THAT, you cannot not get the outcome you so desperately desire. The outcome of a fit, healthy, sexy body, your dream body, all achieved with effortless, struggle-free action.