Yep, I’ve been hiding behind the fat. Weird huh? That I’m the permanent weight loss coach with the winning system that I’ve been coaching my private coaching clients through since 2009 (they get struggle-free weight loss in 8 weeks or less!) and I’m the one who has been Hiding Behind The Fat!

Yep, I’ve Been Hiding Behind The Fat

Well I’ve made a decision and shared it in a Big Ass Announcement today on my Facebook Page and I hope that my story is inspiring to you. Watch my video and you can tell me if what I’m doing is inspiring to you or not! Also leave me a comment to tell me how you’ve been Hiding Behind The Fat. Tell me if you’ve decided to STOP hiding behind the fat as well!

After all, it doesn’t help you get results to know that you’re hiding behind the fat, does it. What you must do in order to get results with your body and your life, is to take action. Not one time action but consistent, daily action because without consistency to live healthy and fit, what will change?

Keep in mind though, that 92.8% of the challenge is your Inner Self. It’s your Inner World, your mindset that will either make it very easy to lose weight and keep it off, OR it will make it impossible to do. How can you know this is true for certain? Just take a look at your lifetime of results with your weight and your eating, especially if you’re an emotional eater or binge eater.

How many diets have you forced yourself to do? How successful have you been? If you have not succeeded in losing weight and keeping it off forever then it’s your Inner World that is the problem. Maybe you’re even hiding behind the fat like I have been. Maybe you use your fat as an excuse to shine and you use your fat to stop you from Going For It in your life.

What If You’re Hiding Behind The Fat?

But what if you are hiding behind the fat like I’ve been hiding behind the fat? What can you do?

Watch my video to find out what I’m doing and be sure to “Like” my Facebook Page to get my updates as I move forward. And if you’d love to stop hiding behind the fat in 8 weeks or less then click here to start the application process to get on the phone with me on a one-on-one complimentary discovery session. This call is for you if you’d love to stop asking yourself “Why am I so smart and successful but I can’t succeed with my weight??”.

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